No Spend November

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The month of October was insane.  A lot of travel, a lot of shopping, paying higher than usual bills, and just a lot of spending.  A. Lot.  With all of the stuff that’s coming up in 2014, and being a bit behind on my saving for Brazil, I needed a way to counterbalance the overspending from October.  I’ve been reading a lot of finance blogs that talk about No Spend months.  So we’re going to have a Sorta Kinda No Spend November.

Here’s what I won’t be spending my money on:

Nail Polish: I have 141 bottles of untried nail polish. I think I can make it through November without buying any. Exception: If I find a bottle of Essie’s Starry Starry Night at regular retail, I’m buying it.  Possibly back ups, and several to sell on eBay for an exorbitant amount of money.

Beauty Products: I just did a massive purge of my beauty and hair products, and still have more than the average individual needs. Exception: My ipsy subscription ($10), and a pressed powder compact ($6 AND I HAVE A COUPON) in the event my kittens kill the one I currently have (this happens more often than you’d think).

Clothes: I’ve spent nearly $1500 in clothes in the past 4 months.  THAT IS INSANE.  Michaela is probably like “BISH, YOU ARE COMING TO VISIT AND WE ARE GOING SHOPPING AND YOU AREN’T BUYING ANY CLOTHES?!?!?!”  Probably mentally in all caps too.  No purses, shoes, scarves, or pom pom hats to be purchases this month.  I have 2 Major Wants and 1 Definite Need on my To Buy List.  If I find good deals on these items, they will be my Exceptions: Wants- camel/brown/tan skirt, DARK dark wash jeans  Need: new camisoles.

Office Products:  I am a slut for a nice pen and post-its. I probably drop $15 on post-its a month.  All colors, shapes, and sizes, I’m not picky. Pens too. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Books: I have 2 books preordered for the Kindle, and that’s all I am allowing myself. I’m going to delete those Kindle Daily Deal emails every morning before I open them, and utilize the library for my reading needs.  It’s less than a mile walk, so maybe I’ll get some exercise and edumacate myself at the same time. No “just quickly popping in” to used book stores/sales either.

Movies/TV: I am allowing my Hulu+ subscription to continue (I don’t have real TV), as well as my monthly pass for Sons of Anarchy on Amazon.  My other monthly passes and subscriptions are going to be canceled.  I am also going to keep Thor 2 on the acceptable expenditures list because DUH TOM HIDDLESTON (also, it’s part of my LA trip next weekend, and was planned literally months ago). Any other Redbox rentals or movie outings will be funded with “1 Night Free!” codes or AMC passes, respectively.

Eating Out: with my travel, friends visiting from out-of-town, and a few Already Committed events, eating out is unavoidable.  What is avoidable is eating out because I forgot my lunch, or couldn’t be bothered to make lunch, or an egg and cheese biscuit sounds better than generic brand oatmeal, or I’m too tired to make dinner.  These excuses lead to at least 8 eating out meals a month, if not more. I’m not going to cancel plans I’ve already made, but I do not plan on making any additional eating out plans either.

Uber: Since moving to the city, this is my downfall.  It’s so nice being driven home in a luxurious town car after a night out, or a looooong day at the office. But I will either drive myself to events, or take the bus home this month.  Or charm friends into taking me home.  Or hope I acquire teleportation skills.

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3 thoughts on “No Spend November

  1. Nice to see you back here. As usual, your sense of humor and your great writing made my day.
    My urge to spend money on clothing declined substantially when I had those Old Navy emails sent directly to my trash folder. Out of sight, out of mind.

    • Thanks! I’m glad to be back as well.

      I may straight up unsuscribe to many of the emails. I’ll definitely keep LOFT and J. Crew because 80% of my wardrobe is workwear, and so I try to buy higher quality stuff. J. Crew also makes my favorite cardigans, so I STOCK. UP. when they have a sale. Seeing the my clothing budget has a big red -$767.14 next to it was an eye opener for sure!

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