Cinema Season 2013/2014

alg-awards-jpgAhhh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The Hollywood awards are announced and excellent films are being released en mass.  The SAG Awards nominations were announced yesterday, and the Golden Globes announced this morning.  With these announcements, I am able to narrow down my list of movies to see during the winter season.  I’ve been known to pull double and triple headers at the movie theater during this time of the year.  And being located in DC, I have my pick of theaters and showings, even for the more obscure films.  Below are the films that have been nominated in the major award categories (Film, Director, Acting, Screenplay) that I need to see before the Golden Globes on January 12.  As I have only seen two of the films so far, it’s time to get my butt in gear! Challenge Accepted!

12 Years a Slave
photo (21)

Captain Phillips
photo (5)
photo (4)

American Hustle (so excited I bought my ticket 9 days in advance!)
photo (20)

Inside Llewyn Davis
The Wolf of Wall Street
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
All Is Lost
Blue Jasmine
Saving Mr. Banks
Dallas Buyer’s Club
Labor Day
Before Midnight – 12/16/2013
Frances Ha
Enough Said
August: Osage County
august pass
Lee Daniels’ The Butler – watched this one on my couch!

Of these films, I am most looking forward to The Wolf of Wall Street (LEO LEO LEO LEO LEO), American Hustle, and August: Osage County.  All three have powerhouse casts, including some of my all time favorite actors, and interesting plots.

Which films are you most excited about?  Which films on this list, if any, have you seen?

Updated: 12/30/2013

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2 thoughts on “Cinema Season 2013/2014

  1. 12 Years a Slave – need to see

    Captain Phillips – Very good, I didn’t think Hanks was great but the Somali pirate actors were fantastic. I also liked that it put their actions in context, not just simple B&W, Good & Bad

    Gravity — Not sure I have any desire to see it.. I love Sandra Bullock but not feeling this

    Philomena — Seeing this week

    Rush — great action scenes and the script was super tight. (Top 10 of the Year)

    American Hustle — For me it was 2+ hours of meh, “that’s it? That was people are raving about.. ok”

    Her — Probably seeing this week

    Inside Llewyn Davis — No desire to see

    Nebraska — can’t wait to see it

    The Wolf of Wall Street — My seething hate of Leo makes this impossible it looks awful

    Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom — Idris Elba should walk with ALL the award. His performance was flawless. I am seriously ANNOYED beyond words that Noemi Harris was not nominated for her performance as Winnie. It is brutally hard to watch at times but beautifully shot. The thing I like most about it is that they did not sacrifice Winnie to martyr Nelson. It explains very clearly how they got to where they were in the end.. Possibly my movie of the year.

    All Is Lost — need to see

    Blue Jasmine — need to see,

    Saving Mr. Banks — It was surprising clever, interesting, awesomely entertaining. Hanks and Thompson were perfect as were hot rugged, Colin Farrell, Bradley Whitford, Paul Gommitti, and the rest of a surprising spectacular supporting case

    Dallas Buyer’s Club – very good story but though McConaughey as usually played the same role again as he always does, only this time with extreme weight loss; Jennifer Gardner too without extreme weight loss. Now Jared Leto was SPECTACULAR, should have Best Supporting Actor nailed down. .

    Frances Ha — not seen, not sure that I want too see it.

    Labor Day — Seeing Next week

    Before Midnight — not seen, nor the other two previous.. Will watch at some point

    Enough Said — Didn’t see, not sure I will — Counting the minutes until this opens..

    August: Osage County — counting the minutes until I see this.. that cast.. ALL IN.

    The Butler — surprisingly good without being sacchariney and preachy. Impressed Oprah took the role she did actually. Forrest Whitker was brilliant as per

    Bonus one for you – SEE THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY.. I am still stunned by how unexpectedly good it was. It is also beautifully shot

    Sorry that is probably way more than you wanted

    • 12 Years – IMO, the “best” film of 2013, but not my favorite. Beautiful, horrifying, brilliant. I loved Leto in DBC, but it’s Fassbender’s BSA Oscar to lose.

      Captain Phillips- enjoyed it, but wasn’t blown away. The Navy SEALs part was nice.

      Gravity- Beautiful! But I wasn’t overwhelmed.

      Philomena – LOVE Judy Dench, and Steve Coogan, and it was nice to seem him in a subdued role. The story was heartbreaking and sweet all at the same time.

      American Hustle – I loved it, but I can see how it would be offputting to some. The cast is all-star, but it’s definitely chaotic.

      Her- beautiful. Probably Top 5, and much funnier than I expected.

      Nebraska – bleck, hated it.

      Wolf of Wall Street – I LOVE Leo, and loved this. It’s so quick, and so funny, that you don’t feel like you are sitting in a 3 hour film. ~15 minutes or so could have been cut, however.

      Saving Mr. Banks – I quite enjoyed this, and Emma Thompson was fantastic. I had the Tim Howard song stuck in my head for days afterward.

      Dallas Buyer’s Club – McConaughey has great. He’s really evolved over the past few years and it’s nice to see him tackle something with weight, not just rom coms anymore. Leto is indeed spectacular, but I was partial to Fassbender. It’ll be between the two of them for Best Supporting.

      Frances Ha- incredibly unimpressed.

      Before Midnight – my least favorite of the trilogy, but still great. This one is more of a downer than the other two because it discusses what happens when the newness wears off.

      August: Osage County- Top 3 movie of the year. Meryl is in full on GIMME THE OSCAR mode, and Julia Roberts is fantastic as well. The supporting cast is mindblowingly good, and I want Chris Cooper to say grace at my table forever and ever, amen.

      The Butler- I quite enjoyed this as well. Don’t think it will win anything, but a good inspirational film with a happy ending.

      Seeing Llewyn Davis tonight, have Rush downloaded, and will probably catch Mandela later this week. All is Lost, Blue Jasmine, and Enough Said will be downloaded, or caught back in theaters if they get rereleased after impending Oscar noms. Labor Day isn’t released in DC until Jan 31, making my goal to see all nominated films before the Golden Globes impossible (unless a screener is leaked).

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