David Beckham: Single Handedly Promoting World Peace

david beckham

David Beckham spent last weekend on a morale visit for British troops deployed in Afghanistan. Now, there are A LOT of jokes to be made about a boy playing with guns and stuff, but I’ll leave that to you my dear readers. There are other things to focus on here.

First up? The tattoos. You all know how I loooooove a man with tattoos when they are done right. Becks is a purrrrrfect example of how to rock a tattoo(s). He’s got the attitude to pull them off (although, let’s be honest, Becks has the attitude to pull of a tutu and make it look fierce). But they also look like they were done by a professional and not a kindergartener’s art project. Becks is also really fit and therefore his tattoos aren’t all stretched and disfigured. When he’s playing in footy match, I always hope he’s on the pitch when the final whistle blows so I can see the shirt come off and just pause my DVR and appreciate his beauty for a few hours… uh, I mean seconds.

Next up is the facial expression of the soldier sitting next to Becks while playing with guns. Now I know from several “mancrush” convos with @MarkWhyy and @jguesman, as well as some of my friends and even a few co-workers, not even the straightest of straight men are impervious to Beckham’s chiseled jaw line and come hither stare. And Becks in battle fatigues? Heaven! Soldier Boy’s face pretty much proves my point (although, I really hope someone is paying attention to where Davey is pointing that gun). We could clone Becks, send him out into all of the unstable, war-torn areas of the world, and people would be so taken and stunned into awe by Becks, they’d forget why they were fighting in the first place! (FTR, if I was that close to Becks, I would not be sitting there staring longingly at him. Opportunities like that come along once in a lifetime and you would have to pry me off him… probably with the jaws of life.)

And now the hair. In my Nando Hairstyles post, I wrote a little aside to Becksy Boo asking him to please stop experimenting with his hair, just shave it a la the Armani Underwear ads, and leave it be. HOWEVER, I also wholeheartedly approve this ‘do. It’s fashionable, it’s styled well, it doesn’t look like something died on his head (MLS Playoffs 2009 comes to mind), and it lets me believe that he just rolled out of bed, preferably mine :)

beckham in bastion

Do you think she took this opportunity to pinch his bum? 'Cause that's what I would do.

But all fun aside, let’s focus on what’s really important. The fact that Beckham probably spent more time flying to and from Afghanistan that he actually spent IN Afghanistan, says a lot about the kind of guy he is. Because I like to live in the Land of Fairies and Unicorns, I chose to ignore all past, present and future alleged affairs and focus on everything else. Being that he’s richer that Croesus, he does a lot to help those less fortunate than him, whether it’s starting footy academies or visiting troops. And I bet the above picture was the highlight of this lady’s life. I think it’s great when any athlete (or sports organization a la Seattle Sounders) or celebrity of any kind does these types of charitable things. After all, whats a 10+ hour flight when you get to personally thank your country’s troops for their service?

Photos via The Daily Mail.

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