Wardrobe Wants & “Needs”

Let’s start off with being 100% honest with each other.  I don’t “need” any of the items below.  None of them. This list also does not include my separate Liverpool FC Wants & Needs list, which I will address next week. 

Last week, in my post The Great Closet Audit of 2014, I went on and on about how I had way to many clothes, and needed to pare down in a major way.  And while that’s true, it also showed me where I had holes in my wardrobe.  I now have a comprehensive list of items made up that I feel will fill these holes and set up a complete wardrobe.

USA BombPop Jersey (Update: ordered!)


With the World Cup less than 6 weeks away, this is obviously the most important item on the list.  Nothing screams “MURICA!! like the new USMNT “BombPop” Away Jersey.  I’m usually blaahhhhh on the USA jerseys, last year’s Centennial jersey aside (I have two of those), but I love this one. It’s bold, but simple, my favorite kind of jersey.  I’m planning to get my nickname in Portuguese on the back of this one, which a few friends are also doing, so that will be tons of fun.



(R-L) Yosi Samra Flats in Navy, Frye Veronica Short Boots, Jack Purcell’s

Shoes are probably the biggest hole, and that’s thanks to the stupid curb in front of my apartment building and a broken ankle. Finding shoes that are comfortable AND cute AND supportive has proven difficult.

Flats – Since returning to work, I’ve managed to acquire some ugly black flats (I had to buy them as an emergency purchase and bought the first comfy pair I came across), and some adorable nude colored flats. However, in the process of replacing my work wardrobe due to weight loss, I’ve been purchasing a lot of navy items.  I do not believe in wearing black and navy together, so I’d like a pair of navy flats.  Y’all know I am a Tieks girl, but I am currently rocking orthotic inserts and I don’t feel 100% comfortable with the Tieks/Orthotics combination.  These Yosi Samra flats are adorable and, at $80, the price is right. NOTE:  I will probably also replace the ugly black flats, but I may wait until next year when I am more fully healed and will have a wider pool of options to choose from.

Boots – I live in boots in the winter.  Live. In. Them.  I bought my first pair of Frye boots last fall, and I will never go back. I have the Veronica Tall Slouch in a distressed black, and I love the feel and the look of that boot.  I want a shorter pair that can be worn under jeans, or over them, and in brown leather. One pair of black boots, on pair of brown boots, and a girl really doesn’t need any other winter shoes.

Sneaks – I am a Chucks girl, through and through.  Prior to my injury, I had 15 pairs. FIFTEEN.  Unfortunately, all but 3 pairs were in a size that fit my foot, but didn’t fit my foot/swollen foot plus insert, and so they were donated so that someone else could enjoy them.  This includes my perfectly perfect mint green pair.  Mint green is one of the more predominant colors in my wardrobe, and I miss having a pair of mint green kicks to wear when running errands. (My other pairs are my USA and DCU pairs, which only get worn on game days, and a regular ‘ole white pair). I’m leaning towards Jack Purcell’s over regular Converse because A) It’s a different style of Converse than what I already own, and B) they look “fancier.”


(Clockwise from top left) Banana Republic, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Levi's

(Clockwise from top left) Banana Republic, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Levi’s

At this time, I don’t really “need” much in the way of clothing.  I have an ample work wardrobe, both that currently fits, and will fit if, god forbid, I put the weight I’ve lost back on in a rapid manner.

Fun Blazer – I currently have two black blazers (for when it’s cold, and when it’s hot), a rose-colored blazer, and a purpley-grey ponte blazer.  All of them are solid, plain-looking, and muted colors.  I want a FUN blazer, in a bright color.  It’ll most likely be mint green (again, that is my predominant color) or bright pink (it goes with most neutrals).  I am seriously regretting not snatching up the pink blazer in Banana Republic when I saw it on sale in November.

Cardigan – I have plenty of cardigans, being a believer in the “if it fits, get one in every color” (which is also how I ended up with 290 wardrobe items, FYI).  All of them, however, are 3/4 sleeve, hit at the hip, crew collar, button down cotton knit blazers. In a rainbow of shades. To add a little diversity, I would like to get two long-sleeved lightweight merino wool cardigans, in black and grey, to wear when it’s colder outside.  These types of cardigans can be dressed up or down, and the grey one would replace my current grey cardigan, which is about 2 sizes too big, and only gets worn around my apartment, and to Portuguese class.

Dark Wash Boot Cut Jeans – Of my 5 pairs of jeans, only one pair is boot cut.  They are a) on the verge of becoming too big, b) are starting to look worn at the bottom, and c) are a medium wash, all of which combine to make them inappropriate for dressier occasions.  Between casual Fridays at the office, girls night out, and nicer dinners, it would be nice to have a dressier jean in another silhouette besides skin-tight jegging.

WWE tee – this isn’t something I’ve addressed on here, but thanks to some of my friends, I’m turning into a bit of a WWE fan.  I  love going out to watch the PPV events with my crew, and am even hoping to make Wrestlemania in San Francisco next March.  However, I don’t have any fan gear to wear to events, and so I’m planning on getting a t-shirt to blend in.  I LOVE CM Punk, but he’s currently inactive/retired so I’m debating between the above shirt, or a Daniel Bryan t-shirt. DECISIONS.


(L) Cuyana Tall Tote (R) Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews Lady Watch

(L) Cuyana Tall Tote (R) Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews Lady Watch

The least important of the wardrobe holes, most likely to be filled via gift or “I got a bonus!” money, is the accessories.

Leather Tote – I used to own more bags than you can imagine.  It was insane, and I would go drop $500 in the Coach outlet without batting an eye.  These days, I’m significantly more picky about my bags, and have pared down drastically in this area.  I tend to invest in more quality made, classic pieces now,  the occasional Target/Designer collabo aside, and noticed I was lacking in the tote bag area.  Yes, I have a purple leopard print cotton tote (my first Primark purchase, and one of the few remaining “souvenirs” from my time living in Liverpool), and my Longchamp, but I don’t have a professional looking, appropriate for work conferences, hitting the grocery store, can be dressed up or dressed down, tote.  Totes are fantastic all around bags, and having a nice one that would pull every outfit together would be handy.

Watch – I love wearing a watch, I’m just old school like that.  Plus, after finally switching over from a Moleskine date book to the Sunrise calendar app, it’s the last way I am keeping in touch with the archaic times.  I am a pretty loyal Fossil wallet and watch girl, and I love my rose gold Fossil Boyfriend watch.  It’s classy and classic, and goes with everything.  However, sometimes I don’t wear it because it’s sort of heavy, and I never travel with it as it is a bit flashy.  As a person who travels fairly frequently, this is an issue as I hate whipping out my phone to check the time.  This Daniel Wellington watch is classy and understated, and I love the leather strap.  If I’m going to add a second watch to my accessories arsenal, I want it to be unlike the one I already have.

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