A Potential LFC Shopping Spree

Last week I mentioned I had a list of LFC items I wanted that was separate from my regular wardrobe wants and needs.  Between the fact that it’s expensive to ship from England, and the fact that, for the most part, the stuff available from the LFC website is obnoxiously tacky, I’m fairly selective with my Liverpool purchases.  However, there are some items that have made their way to my list and have survived several weekly Wants List edits, so I figure these are items I really actually want.  This was supposed to be a “We won the league!” shopping spree, but unfortunately we couldn’t pull it off this year :( Silver lining? I won’t be spending an extra $30 for BPL patches on the jerseys now!


lfc jerseys

photo credit (left – world soccer shop, right – footyheadlines.com

I am totally in love with both the 2014/15 home and away jerseys!  This rarely happens as our away jersey are usually horrendous.  Like, a cannot look directly at the TV when we play in them level of horrendous.  I usually want to buy the home jersey every year, but can usually refrain.  The away jersey next year is just so bright and bold.  I’ve always liked the yellow away kits when I’ve seen photos from the past, but in the time I’ve been an LFC supporter, we haven’t had a yellow kit. So I am so excited to have the chance to finally purchase one. I’ll be so hard to miss!! Naturally I will be ordering the ladies cut jerseys as those are an option on the official LFC website. I really wish I was ordering these with gold BPL patches on them though…  Now, what names to get on the back of the away jersey? (Gerrard on the back of the home kit, obvi.)  Good thing I have until at least Thursday to decide. UPDATE: I ordered the away kit with Henderson’s name & number on the back!

I already have 5 LFC jerseys, but I have a pretty decent system for making sure they all get worn on the regular.  At the beginning of the season I usually start out with The Suarez Jersey of Magic.  I will wear that jersey until we lose, and then I will wear a different jersey until we lose again. Depending on well the season goes, I usually wear each jersey 3-5 times a season. This season I wore my Sturridge jersey from the beginning of 2014 through April 27th when we went on an 11 game unbeaten run.  Adding 2 jerseys to the mix shouldn’t cause any issues, especially with us being back in Champions League next year, and likely having an extra 10-20 matches across all competitions.


photo credits: top – l&r Official LFC Online Shop / bottom l&r – Anfield Shop)

Remember when I mentioned that LFC usually sells obnoxiously tacky crap?  This sweatshirt and tank are surprisingly not tacky. I think they look really sharp.  I have tons of tees and jerseys, but am lacking on other clothing items.  A tank would be nice to have for working out and in the summer. Especially in Brazil!  And a sweatshirt would be a nice option to wear other than my zip up jacket in the fall and spring!  These are both currently sold out in my size on the website, so I hope they restock soon! And if they could restock the sweatshirt in the red version, that would also be awesomesauce.

The bottom two tees are from Anfield Shop, which is my favorite place to order LFC stuff from**.  They are based out of San Diego, CA, and are an official LFC retailer.  It’s nice to be able to get some stuff without having to pay $15-20 to ship it. Plus they have a great range of items, and their customer service is literally The. Best. I love these tees.  I like having sherseys in my team gear arsenal.  I like rocking LFC stuff when I travel, but hate wearing jerseys when I’m on the go because they tend to get hot and aren’t the most flattering articles of clothing.  Sherseys are the answer to that problem.  I would obviously need a Gerrard shersey AND a Sturridge shersey, because they are my captain and my boo, respectively.

LFC random

photo credits from top left: anfield shop, official LFC online store, anfield shop, official LFC online store, official LFC online store

I need the mug for when my other 23 mugs are in the dishwasher.  The bag will clearly be my LFC matchday purse.  You know, for when I go to the grocery store and the bar on match day because I live in America, and they play in England.  The hat is obviously a total necessity to protect my face from the sun.  The watch will help make sure I never miss kickoff.  And who wouldn’t want a Daniel Sturridge air freshener in their car, I mean really?

The only item here I could even remotely justify would be the air freshener since I need a new one anyway, and might as well get this one if I am going to be ordering the jerseys from the online store anyway. I really do like the watch, even if it’s the men’s style.  The ladies style has a pink face, and I hate when sports teams do women’s versions of items in pink, and not the team’s colors. But that is a rant for another day. UPDATE: Watch was ordered with the jersey.  The air freshener was sold out :(

Overall, I feel like this list could be a lot worse, in both the number of items and the amount of money I could potentially spend.  I’m also probably not going to order all of these items in the end anyway.  About to press the official submit order button is where I usually get the first inkling of buyer’s remorse and end up deleting things out of my cart at the death! But the jerseys and the air freshener WILL. BE. MINE.

*Anfield Shop did not compensate me to sing their praises. Trust me, I have the Visa balance to prove it because they release more awesome stuff the day after I place an order of awesome stuff. But I have been a loyal customer of their’s for years and figured if for some reason you do not know about them, you should.


  1. Leeann Hart · May 13, 2014

    I purged a lot of Pittsburgh Steelers (which are my version of LFC) gear because it was all menswear and didn’t fit well. Guess it’s time for my own list of must-haves. I agree the LFC sweatshirt looks sharp. That bag is so Euro-Brit — sort of 1970s US. Love it.

    • Melissa · May 13, 2014

      I have a lot of men’s wear, because my figure previously did not fit into Ladies Cut. However, with my recent weightloss, I’m fitting into smaller tops now. SO I’m more inclined to give ladies fit a try. I really do love that bag, but I really have zero need for it. I’m in the middle of the ever-evolving wardrobe pare down. Which really means I will add it to my x-mas list instead of buying it for myself :)

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